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American Moorish Science Foundation
4223 West Lake st. loft #346
Chicago, Illinois 60624

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 ERICA MOORE professional title is Owner/Founder at AMERICAN MOORISH SCIENCE FOUNDATION, which is a Social and Civic non profit looking to build big brother and big sister groups, within inner city communities. Her skills and areas of expertise include Visual Arts, business operations, management, marketing and all foundation responsibilities. Duties of her native heritage to encourage Nationality to the black African Americans of inner city communities, is based on her missionary believe of a smarter, safer, and an evolving future for all families and races. 

Erica Moore,appointed 2010 Sheikess/ Trustee of the Nobel Drew Ali 1928 trust foundation; the Moorish Science Temple of America. 

Indigenous Moorish peoples of the Americans have received public proclamation in 2011 by Mayors of Chicago IL, Tacoma WA, Baltimore MD, Omaha NE, Fayetteville NC, Charlotte NC, Tyler TX, Little Rock AR, Trenton NJ. These Moorish Americans are publicly proclaimed as descents of the aboriginal Americans that have united themselves to the family of nations and have formed a sovereign theocratic government, guided under the laws of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice.